Requirements For Building A Cabin In A High Fire Danger Area

If you are going to build a cabin in an area with a high fire danger, then there are many things you need to install to help proactively save your structure when a fire burns through the area. While you may dream of a cabin made with natural wood logs and an asphalt shingle roof, both options are not ideal in an area where wildland fires are common. Instead, you should build your cabin with as many fire-resistant materials as possible. [Read More]

3 Things To Consider When Caring For Your Tile Roof

Tile roofing can protect your home while enhancing its architectural style. Caring for a tile roof properly is important when it comes to keeping your home's roofing system in good condition. If you have just moved into a property equipped with a tile roof, you may not know what to look for as you examine your new home's roof for signs of damage that need to be addressed. Here are three things you should consider when caring for your tile roof to ensure your roofing system remains functional well into the future. [Read More]

Important Foundation Repair Questions Answered

The foundation of your home is essential for helping the property to stay stable. When the foundation becomes compromised, it can put the entire house at risk of developing dangerous structural problems. In particular, a foundation that is sinking deeper into the soil can be a problem that will be commonly encountered. Why Would Your Home's Foundation Start To Sink? A common reason for a foundation to start sinking will be due to the soil under it eroding away or simply being too loose to support the weight of the structure. [Read More]

Clay Tiles Vs. Slate Roofs

When it comes to redoing the roof on your home, there are so many options that it can be exciting and overwhelming at once—exciting because you have so many choices to completely update and redefine the style of your home, and overwhelming because it can be hard to find the best product within your price range. Two of the most stylish and commonly used roofing materials are clay tiles and slate. [Read More]