Secure Roofing Installations For Asphalt Roofs In Hurricane Areas

If you live in a hurricane prone state like Florida, then you may have a slate or tile roof that is strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds. However, if you live a little further north, then you may experience hurricane weather only on occasion. If this is true, then you may be able to have an asphalt shingle roof secured on your home. However, you will need to speak to your roofing contractor to make sure the roof sheathing is as secure as possible. [Read More]

Roof Repairs: 3 Ways To Determine Whether There Are Any Leaks And Where The Leaks Are Located

Leaky roofs need to be patched up immediately so that the water damage does not irreversibly damage the internal structure and skeleton of your house. Water damage to wooden beams is often irreparable. In worst-case scenarios, the water damage can cause your house to become unstable, at which point the only option left might be to tear the house down. It costs homeowners on average $681 to repair a roof. This is substantially less than the cost of having to replace the entire roof or tear a house down. [Read More]

4 Upgrades Ideal For Flat Garage Roof Entertainment Areas

People are always looking for ways to expand the square footage of their home and make the most out of the space that's available. If your garage was built separated from the home and has a flat roof on it, then you can easily convert the area to an outdoor space ideal for entertaining, grilling, or enjoying a night under the stars. Instead of just placing a ladder up on the roof and calling it a day, you can apply four different upgrades to make it more manageable and feasible as an extra entertaining location. [Read More]

Understanding Why A New Asphalt Roof May Appear Lumpy

If you have a new asphalt roof installed on your home, then you may be surprised to find that the roof may appear lumpy or bumpy when it is first installed. While this may seem worrisome, this is completely normal. If you want to know why these bumps or lumps appear so they can be prevented or repaired, then keep reading. New Adhesive Strips Asphalt shingled roofs are created in a way that they are as waterproof as possible. [Read More]