When to Call a Residential Roofer to Help You Prevent Water Damage

It's always bad news when a roofer tells you your roof needs repairs. It makes the news even worse if the damage was preventable through maintenance. Here's a look at some problems that can be fixed before they turn into a leaky roof.

Roof Damage From a Storm

Storm damage on a shingle roof doesn't always start leaking right away. Instead, the wind, strong rain, and hail might loosen shingles or scrape off the granules so the roof starts aging faster. If your home was hit by a storm with big hail or winds stronger than usual, consider calling a residential roofing service to check your roof to see if it needs to have repairs done before leaks develop.

Moss Lifting Shingles

When it looks like growth is on your shingles, have the growth identified so you know if it's harming your roof. Algae is often harmless even if does make ugly black stains. Mold can be a more serious issue, and you may need to talk to a roofer about steps to take to eliminate the mold and replace damaged roofing materials. Moss is a serious matter too since it can grow under shingles and lift them in the process. Moss holds moisture against your roof too, and the presence of moss can lead to roof leaks. Have moss removed as soon as you notice it or it might cause roof damage and leaks.

Neglected Roof Inspections

If you never notice your roof leaking rain inside your house, you might assume your roof is still in excellent shape. However, the only way to know the condition of your roof is to check it up close. Have residential roofers inspect your roof occasionally over the life of your roof so hidden damage can be repaired. This could prolong the life of your roof and save you from having a roof leak and needing to repair costly water damage.

Trees Scraping the Shingles

If you have trees growing next to your house, keep an eye on them to make sure the branches can't reach your shingles. When the branches get close to your roof, hire a tree trimmer to cut them back. Tree branches can scrape off shingles, and that leads to roof leaks that are preventable by maintaining the tree.

Clogged Gutters That Overflow

You should have the gutters on your house cleaned out as often as they need it so the troughs aren't clogged by leaves. When gutters get clogged, rain can back up under the shingles and lead to roof root and roof leaks. You can hire a gutter cleaning company to maintain your roof so you can avoid roof leaks. If your gutters have been clogged for a while, you may need to call a roofer to make repairs to your roof before the rotted area starts leaking.