Tips For Preparing Your Home And Family For A Roof Replacement

If you are getting ready to have your roof replaced, you may wonder if there is anything you need to do to prepare both your property and family for the upcoming project. If so, use the following tips to prepare your home and family for the roof replacement.

Remove Any Breakables along the Exterior Walls

Although the workers will be moving around and hammering on your roof, the vibrations will travel down along your walls. This is especially true of your exterior walls since the roofers will also be climbing ladders and carrying supplies and tools that may hit the outside of your home.

If you have any pictures hanging up or curios lined on shelves along the exterior walls, take them down and stow them away until after the roofing replacement is complete. If you have any particularly special items on the inside walls, you may also want to take these down just in case.

Designate a Place to Park Your Vehicles

As far as the outside of your home, you are going to need to make room for the roofers to park their vehicles, as well as lay materials close to the house. More than likely, this will be your driveway. Because of this, you should designate a new spot to park your household's vehicles, whether you park on the street or arrange with a neighbor to share their driveway for a couple of days.

Even if you typically park in the garage, the way may be blocked, so you should think about parking elsewhere in this situation as well. Plus, even if you can reach your garage, the workers may need to access it to secure their tools and supplies, as well as reach electrical outlets if you have none on the outside of your home.

Make Arrangements for Skittish Children or Pets to Be Elsewhere

If you have young children or skittish pets, they may not understand the reason behind the loud banging noises or strangers crawling up the sides of your house. If you are worried that your children or pets may stay scared during the duration of the roof replacement, make arrangements for them to be elsewhere.

For example, this may be a perfect time for your children to visit their grandparents. If you have pets and your parents do not want to take them on their care as well, try to find another family member or friend who can take them in for a couple of days.

Using the above tips can help you start preparing for your upcoming roof replacement. For more advice on what you need to do before they arrive, speak with the roofing contractor who is performing the job for personalized guidance. For more information, contact a company like Melton Industries LLC.