Taking Care Of Commercial Roof Problems

Running a business is expensive, as you must pay large utility bills, taxes, pay employees, purchase inventory, and many other things. The last thing that you want to happen as a business owner is for a customer or employee to get injured in your building and file a lawsuit. Something that can land you in such a situation is a damaged roof that has become severe enough to affect the interior of the building. For instance, if the roof has caused the ceiling in your building to get damaged, materials might be at risk of falling down and injuring someone. The content below explains some of the roofing concerns you should have as a business owner and why repairs are important.

Soggy Areas in Your Ceiling

A business owner can tell a lot about the condition of a roof based on what is going on with the ceiling. For instance, if you have noticed that areas of your roof are soggy, there is likely extreme damage to the roof deck. Even if you are unable to see the ceiling up close, discoloration, droopiness, and mold growth can point to it being soggy from water. A soggy roof should be considered an emergency repair, as it can cave-in or cause other types of problems when least expected. The roof deck might need a few patches or to be reconstructed.

Ponding Water on Metal Materials

When a roof is constructed of metal materials, rainwater should be a big concern. The reason why is because many types of metals can deteriorate when too much contact is made with water. The problem can be less of concern if the metal is painted or a sealcoating is used on the surface. Ponding water can put a metal roof at a high risk of getting damaged, and the ponds are usually due to dents being in the metal or drain outlets needing to be cleaned. If you have noticed that water has been sitting on your roof for a long time, contact a roofer so the problem can be addressed as soon as possible.

Algae on Asphalt Shingles

Algae is harmful to asphalt shingles, and it can completely destroy them before you notice the extent of damage that was done. It is easy to recognize when algae is present, as it appears as a black color and will usually create streaks on the roof. If you want to decrease the amount of your business expenses in regards to the frequency of getting the roof repaired, it is a good idea to get it pressure washed and inspected every now and then.

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