How To Install An Efficient And Functional Skylight

Installing a skylight is one of the best ways of harnessing natural energy from the sun to light up your house. Don't forget that using or being exposed to natural light is healthier than relying on artificial lighting all the time. However, your skylight will only benefit you if you install it properly. Here are a few skylight installation tips to ensure the project is successful.

Avoid Rain During Installation

You probably know that shingle installation is best done on a sunny day; well, the same thing applies to skylight installation. There are two main reasons why installation in the rain is not advisable. First, you will need to seal the edges of the skylight, and the seal needs to dry fast if it is to keep out water; unfortunately, this won't be possible if rain messes up the seal. Secondly, you may find yourself taking shortcuts and generally hurrying when working in the rain, which may lead to poor installation. Therefore, schedule the skylight on a clear day with no rainfall; postpone the project if the weather changes on the material day.

Waterproof the Skylight Edge

One of the major complications of skylights is that many of them eventually begin to leak. Well, this is a problem that can easily be avoided during the installation stage. You just need to ensure that you are dealing with waterproof materials (such as skylight materials and seals) around the edges of the skylight. Add that to a skilled workmanship, and you shouldn't worry about the risk of water leaks around the skylight.

Do the Math Before Buying Materials

You need to get your skylight installation right from the word go if it is to be effective and safe for your roof. This means, for example, that you should not join materials such as flashing used to secure and waterproof the edges of the flashing. The more joints you make, the higher the risk that at least one of them will fail and leak. Therefore, know exactly the size of the skylight you want to install and buy or cut your materials to fit the dimensions. It is better to over approximate and trim the materials than to use short materials that you have to join.

As you can see, skylight installation is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. In fact, this is one project you should leave to a professional roofing contractor.