Tile Roofing: Materials Used, Benefits, And Why You Should Choose Tile For Your Next Roof

You hear a lot about metal roofing these days, but hardly anything at all about tile roofing. Never fear; tile roofing has just taken a back seat to metal roofing, which is the roof du jour. Tile roofing is still around and it is still as popular as ever. There are a couple different materials that create tile shingles, some very nice benefits of a tile roof, and some reasons why you should select tile roofing for your next roof replacement.

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta tiles, the kind that most commonly decorate Southwestern roofs, are actually a type of clay. They are baked from a red earthenware clay. While pretty, they can be easily broken if something really heavy lands on them or something really forceful hits them. They are more fragile than gray clay tiles.


Clay tiles are a little denser, but still lighter than concrete tiles. They both absorb and deflect a lot of water. If a clay tile breaks, it is easy to replace. 


Concrete tiles are very heavy. Yet, they do not allow snow and ice to damage your roof. Because of their extreme density, concrete tiles will even survive trees and tree limbs dropping on the roof. 

Benefits of a Tile Roof

Tile roofs are quite energy efficient.  Not much escapes the tiles, although individually-placed tiles allow for roof ventilation. They have a great deal of thermal resistance when placed and secured in multiple "sheets." Hence, you can opt to either cool your house or ventilate it with the simple choice in how the tiles are installed. 

Additionally, tile roofs reflect and deflect ice and snow rather well. Because of the rounded or humped shapes of many roofing tiles, ice and snow do not accumulate. Ergo, you could easily install a tile roof in the northern half of the U.S. and not have to worry about pushing or shoveling snow off your roof. 

Why You Should Choose Tile

Tile is unique, different, and a fun look that departs from other boring roofing materials. You can change up the exterior appearance of your home just by changing the roof to tile. There are many colors of tile roofing too; you are not limited to gray, black, brown, or terra cotta red. Many roofing manufacturers also grant fifty-year warranties on tile roofing materials, which is longer than most people stay in any one house these days.