3 Ways To Save With Energy-Efficient Commercial Roof Replacement Solutions

Commercial roofing is a costly investment that is part of the routine maintenance of your business. Older asphalt roof systems have many disadvantages compared to modern energy-efficient commercial roofing materials like membranes and foam coatings. When you need to have old asphalt materials replaced, materials like foam coatings, membranes, and green roofs will help you save money. Here are some tips to help you choose the right materials for an energy-efficient commercial roof replacement:

1. Foam Roof Coatings to Improve Energy-Efficiency

Foam roof coatings are a type of roof that is sprayed over roof decking materials, such as metal or plywood. There are many advantages to using foam coating, which include, lightweight materials, quick installation, low cost and multiple commercial roof applications. It is also a great solution to provide a thermal barrier to prevent heat gain in refrigerated storage applications or to prevent heat loss in general commercial applications. Foam roofing materials are also durable and more resistant to punctures and leaks than many other commercial roofing systems.

2. Cool Roofing Membranes to Reduce Heat Gain and Cooling Costs

Light colors reflect heat, which when applied to roofing, helps to reduce heat gain. Today, commercial roofing membranes come in light or white colors to provide businesses with a cool roof. This type of roofing solution is ideal for new lightweight wood construction and helps reduce the costs of construction materials. It can also be used to replace older conventional roofing membrane systems with a more energy-efficient material.

3. Spray Roof Coatings to Prevent Wear and Leaks with An Energy-Efficient Replacement

In addition to foam and membrane roofing systems, there are also spray roof coatings that can be applied directly over roof decking materials. The spray roof system gives you a solution that can be used to extend the life of existing roof materials because it can be sprayed directly onto the old roof. It is also durable and free of seams, which makes it more resistant to wear and leaks. Spray roof coatings can be used as the primary roofing system or as a protective coating for old roofing materials to extend their life and give your business more protection against leaks.

These are some tips to help with choosing the right materials for the most savings when you have your commercial roof replacement done. If your roof needs to be replaced, contact a commercial roofing company like Right Way Roofing, Inc and talk with them about some of these affordable and energy-efficient solutions.