Five Roofing Problems To Look Out For In The Spring

When spring arrives, you probably can't wait to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. While you're breathing deeply and enjoying the scenery, take a few minutes to glance up at your roof. Look out for these specific roofing issues that will need to be taken care of before those April showers start rolling in.

Clogged Gutters

Many roofing problems start with clogged gutters. If the gutters become clogged, water will pour over the edge onto the roof, making rotten shingles and leaks more likely. Luckily, you can fix clogged gutters yourself. Just reach in, scoop out those leaves, and let the water flow freely.

Peeling Shingles

As a roof ages, sometimes the edges of shingles seem to curl or peel up. They don't necessarily need to be replaced when this starts happening. Your roofing company can come cement down the loosest shingles so you can get a few more years out of your roof. If the shingles are so loose that they look like they're going to fall off, your roof company may instead replace those shingles.

Protruding Nails

If a nail pops up out of your roof, water can leak down through the hole where the nail used to be. So if you see any nails popping up out of the roof, pound them back down and apply a glob of roofing cement to the top. 

Excessive Granules

When you are cleaning out your gutters, pay attention to the matter that you are pulling out. If that matter seems to be comprised mainly of little pebbles or asphalt granules, it is probably because your shingles are losing granules. This means they are nearing the end of their serviceable life. Have a roofing company come look at the roof; they may tell you it needs to be replaced in a year or two.


Moss growth in the roof often appears in the spring when the weather is wet. Moss loves moisture and warmth. You're most likely to see moss in areas where a tree or other structure hangs over the roof. If caught early, moss can be cleared away. However, if you do not address it promptly, the moss growth can erode your shingles and cause leaks. You can remove most moss with a broom and keep it from growing back by having your roof sprayed with an herbicide that contains copper.

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