An Overview Of Solar Shingles Vs. Solar Panels

Both solar panels and solar shingles can be installed on the roof to generate electricity. If you have been thinking of generating solar power, you should compare these two technologies to determine which one is best for your case. Here is a comparison of the two options of solar generation.


Solar shingles are relatively easier to install than solar panels. This is because solar shingles are designed to replace other forms of roofing shingles, which means they are installed in more or less the same time it takes to install, say, asphalt shingles. Solar panels don't replace the roof; they are actually installed over the existing roof structure, and care must be taken not to damage the roof.


The boring or obtrusive looks of solar panels are some of the reasons many people don't want them on their roofs. In fact, some HOAs (homeowners associations) have rules on the size of solar panels homeowners can install and the part of the roof (usually to the back of the house) where they can be installed. Solar shingles, on the other hand, sit flush on the roof and don't stand out like solar panels, which make them win on the aesthetics front.


At the moment, solar panels seem to be more versatile than solar shingles. For example, solar panels can be installed in roofs with different pitches because the installation frame can be adjusted to get the solar panel at the right angle for maximum power. Solar shingles, on the other hand, must conform to the existing pitch of the roof, which may reduce their efficiency on roofs that don't have the right pitch.


Solar panels are relatively cheaper as compared to solar shingles. One reason for this is that solar panels use a relatively old technology, which means it has been perfected, and its cost has been reducing every year (as is common with technology). Solar shingles, however, use relatively new technology, which means the original research costs are still trickling down to consumers.

Roof Condition

Lastly, you should also consider the condition of your roof—specifically whether you need to replace it or not. Solar panels may be the way to go if your roof is still structurally sound and is likely to be that way for some time. However, installing solar shingles may be a better option if your current roof is defective and you were planning to replace it.

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