Asphalt Tiles Vs. Wood Shingles

It's hard to think of exterior remodels that are as worthwhile and cost effective as roof replacement. Of course, not all roofing materials are cost effective or practical. However, this article focuses on what products you should install if you want to get the most for your money. It should also be decided whether not you can actually do the work yourself.

When it comes to self-installation of roofing materials, you want to make sure you choose a simple product. That is, asphalt tiles and wood shingles are definitely the two easiest materials to install and repair. Of course, these two materials have vastly different styles and maintenance needs, so you need to examine them both.

Wood Shingles

People love the look of real wood shingles because they are natural and stylish. Wood shingles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and they're made out of many different wood species. Basically, they are a very diverse product and they could look good on just about any home style. However, wood shingles definitely aren't the most long-lasting roofing product. Wood is always going to be susceptible to water and termite damage, which can definitely make it vulnerable.

Generally, a wood shingle roof is going to have a relatively short lifespan. Many wood shingle roofs claim that they will last 30 years, but this timeframe really depends on where they are being installed. Roofs in moist climates are going to wear down quicker. However, it is important to point out that wood shingles are not only easier to install, they are easier to repair. Wood is easy to work with and attaching the shingles to the deck is basically a matter of nailing them down. This is far more simple than installing stone roof tiles.

Asphalt Tiles

Asphalt tiles don't really have the natural style and warmth of wood shingles, but they are definitely a durable and reliable product. This is not to say the asphalt tiles are ugly. That is, they are not just one solid color. Asphalt tiles are similarly easy to install because they are thin and lightweight. Basically, the tiles can be tacked down to the roof deck with a small nail. Some tiles also have adhesive bottoms which enables them to be more easily secured to the deck.

Even though they aren't quite as stylish as real wood shingles, asphalt tiles are a top choice because they are longer lasting and reliable. Contact a local company for more information about roof replacement.