Protecting Your New Foam Roof

Selecting new roofing materials for your home can be an important decision. The type of roof that you opt to install will contribute to the overall structural stability and energy efficiency of your home in the future. Foam roofing is a popular option among homeowners looking for superior insulation qualities and durability.

If you have recently had a foam roof installed on your home, here are three things you can do to maintain your new roof and ensure it performs properly over time.

1. Conduct routine visual inspections.

One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your foam roofing in good condition is conduct routine visual inspections of the roof's surface. You should be checking for discoloration or areas where the texture of the roof appears to be changing.

If you spot any textural changes (like areas that look like an orange peel, popcorn, or scrambled eggs), then you need to contact your roofing contractor to make repairs. Routine visual inspections will help you spot problems and address them quickly so that your entire roofing system doesn't become compromised.

2. Clean the surface of your roof.

If you want your foam roofing system to last, you need to keep it clean. Taking the time to clean the surface of your foam roof will help you extend the life of the roof and prevent serious damage over time.

You can use a pressure washer and some liquid soap to rinse dirt and debris off the surface of your roof. Regular cleaning will help to protect the foam materials from corrosion, ensuring that your new roof performs properly in the future.

3. Recoat your foam roof as needed.

When your foam roofing system was installed, a protective coating was applied over the top of the roofing materials to protect them against the elements. Over time, this coating can begin to wear away.

You should check with your roofing contractor to determine how often your foam roof will need to be recoated. Specialized cleaning agents and techniques are required for proper recoating, so this is a process that you should always leave to a professional.

Being able to properly maintain your foam roof will ensure that your new roofing system protects your home well into the future. Be sure that you are taking the time to conduct routine visual inspections, that you are cleaning your roof's surface often, and that you recoat your roof as needed to ensure maximum protection over time. For more information, visit websites like