A Guide to Great Roofing Products

There is really nothing more rewarding than investing in a home remodel that makes your property more comfortable and more functional at the same time. This is one of the reasons that roof remodels are so popular among residential property owners. Not only will a new roof make your house more comfortable and energy efficient, it is also going to have a huge bearing on the way it looks. That is, you can completely redefine your homes style with a new roof material.

If you are going to invest in a new roof for your home, you need to think about what material is going to be the most practical for your budget and overall maintenance capability.

Low Maintenance Products

If your main concern is finding a product that is low maintenance, you definitely have a lot of options. Asphalt roofing tiles and foam coated roofs are extremely low maintenance, and very affordable. Of course, neither are considered to be the most stylish option. On the other end of the spectrum you have ceramic tiles which cost much more than asphalt, but they are equally low maintenance. Both asphalt and ceramic are water resistant materials. They can both stand up to severe weather, whether it be extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

High Maintenance Materials

Some materials require a lot of maintenance, but homeowners are still willing to invest in them because they are so stylish. This is definitely the case with wooden shingles. A wooden shingle roof is only going to last a couple of decades. On top of that, it is susceptible to termite damage, and moisture can be an issue. Installing wood shingles might not be the best idea if you live somewhere snowy.

Installation Requirements

You also need to consider the various installation cost of different products. That is, asphalt roofing tiles are always going to be the cheapest and easiest to install. Many ceramic tile products are partly modular, meaning that they can be in easily attach to pitched roofs with minimal fastener securing them to the deck. The installation of wood shingles is also simple because they are can be quickly nailed to the deck. Foam roofs need to be applied by professional using specialized spraying machines, so they aren't practical for DIY installation. Nonetheless, any roof installation is going to be a rather strenuous project. Working on roofs, no matter what you are installing, is dangerous and tiring work.

Any of these materials will be a welcome upgrade to your existing roof. They all have different maintenance requirements and vary in the difficulty of installation. To learn more about your roofing options, visit resources such as http://www.dodgefoamandcoatings.com.