Think You Need A New Roof? 4 Repairs That Can Prevent Premature Replacement

Asphalt roofs eventually need replacement since the materials do not last forever. However, replacement is one expensive task that you might want to avoid doing if it can be prevented. Consider the following repairs that can delay the need for roof replacement.

Repair Damage Shingles

You might have some shingles that are looking out and out of shape from the wear and tear of being exposed to the weather. This includes shingles that have cracks in them, are curling up, or have edges that are tearing. You can fix this issue on your own with roofing cement.

You'll need to heat up the single so that it becomes more flexible, then flatten it out as best as you can with a large putty knife. Once it is flat, use some roofing cement to seal around the damage and help the shingle lay flat against your roof.

Replace Missing or loose Shingles

It's possible that shingles may go missing or become loose, especially after strong storms that cause them to blow off your roof. You'll want to replace or fix these shingles as soon as possible to avoid more damage from being caused to your roof.

If the shingle is loose, you'll need to pry it off the roof so that you can slide it back into place. If replacing a new shingle, simply place it where the old one once was. Secure the shingle to the roof with roofing nails, and cover the head of the nails using roofing sealant. The repair will be good as ever with a little bit of work.

Seal Holes Caused By Nails

As the wood of your roof deck contracts and expands over the years, holes caused by roof nails will eventually cause leaks. If nails are sticking out of your roof instead of being flat with the surface, that means water could be seeping in around the nail.

Remove these loose nails and cover the hole using roofing cement. Then you can place the nail in a new place where it will form a tight seal with the wood.

Repair Any Damaged Flashing

Your flashing is what prevents water from getting behind the shingles. Unfortunately, it may become loose over the years. Any flashing that has broken away from a chimney or pipe needs to be reattached to it using roofing cement.

Need help with these repairs or finally installing a new roof? Reach out to a local roofing contractor, like Deep South Roofing LLC, for assistance.