Important Foundation Repair Questions Answered

The foundation of your home is essential for helping the property to stay stable. When the foundation becomes compromised, it can put the entire house at risk of developing dangerous structural problems. In particular, a foundation that is sinking deeper into the soil can be a problem that will be commonly encountered.

Why Would Your Home's Foundation Start To Sink?

A common reason for a foundation to start sinking will be due to the soil under it eroding away or simply being too loose to support the weight of the structure. As a result of the threat of this problem, individuals should consider having their soil tested so that they can better understand the risk of their property developing this problem.

How Would A Homeowner Know That Their Foundation Is Starting To Sink?

While a sinking foundation is a problem that is likely to develop fairly gradually, there are warning signs that might alert you to the fact that this problem is developing. More precisely, you may find that the window and door frames are separating from the rest of the house. Furthermore, you may also find that gaps are forming between the ceiling and floor or deep cracks are starting to form. There can be other causes for these issues, but you will want to have them inspected as soon as possible to better understand the threats that your home is facing.

Can A Sinking Foundation Be Repaired?

If your home is currently suffering from a sinking foundation, you will want to act quickly to repair this damage. Otherwise, you will allow this issue to become more expensive to repair and dangerous for those inside the house. During the repair process, the soil near the foundation will be excavated so reinforcing rods can be placed under the foundation. These rods will cause the weight of the house to be distributed over a much broader area, and this will allow the soil to better support the weight of the structure.

Is It Possible To Invest In A Warranty For The Foundation Repairs?

After going through the inconvenience and expense of having a sinking foundation repaired, you will want to be sure that your investment is protected. It is common for homeowners to assume that they will not be able to obtain a warranty for this type of protection, but there are many contractors that will offer their clients full warranty protection in the event that there was an issue with the foundation repair.