Keep The Fungus Under Control: Why You Need Moss And Algae-Resistant Shingles

If you've repaired your roof as much as you can, and it's time to replace it, you should be looking at moss and algae-resistant shingles. You might think that moss and algae are just minor inconveniences that you can live with. However, both substances can cause serious harm to your roof. In fact, moss and algae could be the reason why your present roofing material needs to be replaced, especially if you live in a humid region of the US. Here are three important reasons why you need moss and algae-resistant shingles for your next roof.

Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

If you've got algae growing on your roof, your home might not be as energy-efficient as it should be. Just a thin coating of algae can make your home much warmer during the summer months. That's because the darker color of the algae absorbs the sun and then allows the heat to soak through to your home, especially the attic. To make your home more energy-efficient all year-round, replace your current roofing material with a new moss and algae-resistant material. You'll save money on your summer energy bill, and your home will stay cooler.

Protects Your Roof Against Moss Damage

If you've got moss growing on your roof, you could have damage that you didn't even know about, especially if it's been growing for a while. Moss retains moisture, which creates the right environment for mold to grow. Not only that, but the moisture that builds up under the moss can cause your shingles, sheathing, and underlayment to rot. To keep the moss away, and prevent mold growth, your next roof should be moss and algae-resistant shingles.

Reduces the Need to Clean Your Roof

When you've got mold and algae growing on your roof, you need to give it a thorough cleaning from time to time. Unfortunately, cleaning it with a bucket and push broom can be tiring, and time-consuming, while cleaning it with a pressure washer can damage the shingles. The best way to reduce the need for routine cleaning is to install moss and algae-resistant shingles. An added benefit of the shingles is that your roof will look brand new longer.

Don't live with moss and algae buildup on your roof. Prevent the problem, and help your roof last longer with moss and algae-resistant shingles. For help with the repair and replacement of your roof, be sure to speak to a roofing contractor at businesses like Ray's Accurate Roofing.