Tips for Removing Moss from a Roof

Did you look at your home's roof and notice patches of green? If so, this means that you have moss growing up there that needs to be removed. Moss isn't just bad looking, since it could cause damage to your roofing material. Shingles can prematurely break down, leading to unnecessary repairs that could potentially lead to a roof leak if ignored. Moss won't go away by itself, which is why you must take the necessary steps to get rid of it for good. These tips will help you do it.

Wet Down Your Roof

Removing moss can be easy when the roots are very moist. While you could wait for it to rain and naturally moisten the roof, you could also do it when you're ready by getting out the garden hose. It helps to remove moss in vertical sections, so you can wet a portion of your roof while keeping the neighboring section dry. This will make it easier to climb on your roof for the moss removal process.

Scrape Off All the Moss

When scraping off moss, your goal should be to remove as much as you can without causing any damages to the shingles below it. Start the process by using a broom, which can be very gentle for any kind of shingles. Move it side to side to loosen moss from the surface, then sweep it directly to the ground. For stubborn moss chunks that remain in place, use the opposite end of the broom to be more aggressive with it.

Spray Down the Roof Using Bleach Water

There will most likely be small pieces of moss that won't dislodge themselves, even if you start sweeping at them roughly. It will help to spray these sections down with a bleach water solution. Just mix together 1 part bleach with 1 part water, making sure to use a bleach that has regular concentration as opposed to a bleach gel or ultra-concentrated kind. Spray down the roof starting at its peak and then work all the way to the bottom.  Then try sweeping the moss away once the solution has worked its magic.

Fix Issues with Shade

Moss grows best when there is plenty of shade to prevent the moisture from drying out. Evaluate what could be causing shade over your roof, such as tree branches, and fix the problem. This could require the help of a tree trimming company to reach those large branches that will be dangerous to remove on your own.

If this all seems like too much work for you, hire a professional roofing company like Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc. that handles moss removal.