Need A New Roof? Working With Amish Roofing Contractors

If it is time to put a new roof on your home, you have many options of the type of roof, as well as the roofing contractor that you hire. To get started, you should consider working with an Amish roofing contractor as there are many benefits of doing this. This Amish roofing contractor may own their own business or a roofing company may hire Amish workers. Below is some more information about this so you can determine if this would be right for you.

Amish Roofing Contractor

An Amish roofing contractor may give you a lower bid when compared to traditional contractors. One reason they can do this is they do not have to pay worker's compensation insurance for their employees. The Amish also do not have to pay taxes on Social Security for their Amish employees or themselves. They do not have to collect social security, welfare, or unemployment benefits as well. This is because these benefits go against their religious beliefs.

Because they save a lot of money because of these things, they may pass this savings onto their customers by charging them less to install a new roof.

Roofing Contractor That Employs Amish Employees

You can also find roofing contractors that employ Amish employees. You can expect these employees to provide you with good, quality work so you will be pleased when the job is finished. A roofing company that has Amish employees may run a bit differently however. For example, because the Amish do not drive vehicles, non-Amish employees will drive them to and from the work site.

The Amish generally prohibits the use of electricity so they use power tools generated by diesel at home. Many use power tools generated by electricity while working with a roofing contractor however.

How Amish Roofers Operate

If you are interested in hiring an Amish roofing contractor, it can be beneficial to know how they operate. Because the Amish do not use electricity and have very restricted technology, they may form partnerships with non-Amish contractors or businesses in their area. This enables them to reach markets that are non-Amish. The non-Amish employee can also help the Amish roofing company in online marketing to provide them with better advertisement for their company.

Contact an Amish roofing company such as Landmark Roofing in your area if you want to learn more about how they operate and the roofing options they can offer to you.