Why You Must Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Has it been numerous years since you last climbed on top of your roof to determine the condition that it is in? You must understand that all it takes is strong wind speeds to put a shingle roof in a condition in which it can become severely damaged in a short time. For example, wind can knock shingles off of the deck without you knowing until severe problems develop. It is in your best interest to pay a professional to inspect your roof to find out if it has become damaged over the years so repairs can be made. Below, you will learn about problems that can happen in your house if the roof deck is severely damaged and has missing shingles.

1. Out of Control Mold Growth

Once a damaged roof begins to affect the interior of your house, you can end up with mold growing in various places. For instance, mold can grow on the inside of your walls before finally being visible on the outside portion of the drywall. If anyone in your household has been suffering from allergies, it can point to mold being present.

2. Leaks from the Ceilings in Your House

One of the first things that you might notice inside of your house when the roof deck is damaged is water leaking from the ceilings. You can then end up with the water damaging your furniture, clothing, and anything else that it makes contact with. However, you should be able to notice signs of leaks before they occur. Look for discolored drywall and bubbles in the ceilings for signs of water being present. If you notice any water damage, make sure repairs are done in a timely manner.

3. Damaged Insulation in Wall Cavities

If you have noticed that more air comes through your walls than it should, a water leak in the roof might be the cause. Basically, when water begins leaking from the roof, it can get inside of the wall cavities and damage the insulation materials. If you end up replacing the insulation, make sure the roof leak is taken care of first if you don't want the same problem to happen again.

4. Drywall Falling from the Ceilings

When water damage from a damaged roof becomes severe enough, drywall can fall from the ceilings in your house. Basically, the drywall ends up falling down due to it becoming saturated with water. Soggy drywall on a ceiling should be repaired fast because it can lead to an injury if it falls down on someone.

Be sure to contact a roofing contractor if you notice any of these problems.