5 Benefits Of Metal Roofing

Whether you are building a new house or replacing an existing roof on your current home, deciding which material to use for your roof is a major decision, and your roof is a large investment. When weighing your roof material options, don't overlook metal roofing. In recent years, metal roofing has become more popular, and for good reason. Here are five major benefits of metal roofing:

Metal Roofing Lasts Almost Forever

While metal roofing can be a bit more expensive than asphalt or tile to install, it also lasts much longer so you save money in the long-run by avoiding a roof replacement down the road. In fact, metal roofing can last a human lifetime, compared to an average of 17 years for other types of roofing.

Metal roofing is incredibly strong and durable, meaning homeowners can avoid the expensive repairs they may face on a regular basis with other types of roofs. Unlike other types of roofing material, metal roofing doesn't crack, curl, fall apart, or rot over time, instead maintaining its beauty and functionality for many decades.

Metal Roofing Boosts Your Curb Appeal

When homeowners first look into metal roofing options, they may be surprised to learn just how many truly attractive options there are. Metal roofing can now be designed to mimic a variety of natural materials and other styles of roofing, including slate, clay tile, shingles, or even stone. Metal roofing comes in a vast array of color choices as well. This means that you get the durability and other benefits of metal roofing with the aesthetics that you prefer and that best complement your home's design and style.

Metal Roofing Is Fire-Safe

Unlike wood or asphalt roofing material, metal roofing is completely non-combustible. This means there is no risk of your roof catching fire during a lightning storm or other high fire risk situation. Homeowners in areas of the country with frequent summer wildfires are well advised to consider metal roofing in order to help protect their home from the danger of rapidly spreading fires.

Metal Roofing Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Metal roofing is naturally more energy efficient than other common forms of roofing. Metal naturally reflects the sun's rays outward, making it easier to keep your home cool in the summer without using as much electricity. Similarly, metal roofing provides natural insulation against the cold, so you may find that your home stays more comfortable in the winter as well.

To maximize your energy savings and potentially qualify for a federal tax credit, consider purchasing metal roofing that is officially Energy Star certified. Not only will your metal roof result in lower energy bills, but it will also help you do your part for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Metal Roofing Resists the Elements

One of the reasons metal roofing lasts so long compared to other forms of roofing material is that it's impervious to the elements in a way that is truly unique. Metal roofing can stand up to large amounts of snow, rain, sleet, and high winds and is not damaged by extreme heat or cold. If you live in a region of the country with weather extremes, metal roofing can give you great peace of mind as a homeowner.

Since snow and rain naturally roll off of metal roofing, you have less risk of piled-up snow drifts or rain damage. This is an important feature since excessive rain and snow buildup can negatively impact the structural integrity of your home and cause rot and mildew with other forms of roofing.

By opting for metal roofing, you will be able to enjoy these benefits for yourself and enhance the look and durability of your roof for many years to come.