4 Upgrades Ideal For Flat Garage Roof Entertainment Areas

People are always looking for ways to expand the square footage of their home and make the most out of the space that's available. If your garage was built separated from the home and has a flat roof on it, then you can easily convert the area to an outdoor space ideal for entertaining, grilling, or enjoying a night under the stars. Instead of just placing a ladder up on the roof and calling it a day, you can apply four different upgrades to make it more manageable and feasible as an extra entertaining location. Each of these upgrades will help with the durability and safety of your garage roof area.

Exterior Staircase

Offer easy access to the garage roof by having an exterior staircase installed. Installing a staircase inside the garage would take up valuable space and require you to install some type of door or hatch. An exterior staircase offers you instant access to the garage roof and gives guests a safe way to climb up and down. The staircase can be installed flush to the side of the garage so it doesn't take up too much space on your lawn or driveway. You can choose to have the staircase covered with a canopy to make it safer for climbing up during weather like rain or snow.

Rubber Roofing Installation

When you're creating a roof area that will have a lot of foot traffic, you want an area that is safe and durable. A rubber roof installation comes with many benefits. When hiring a contractor to install a rubber roof on your garage, EPDM rubber is the main material that is typically used. The rubber is durable and features a grip-like surface that is often used for areas like pools and playgrounds. When applied to a garage roof, it is makes it easy to walk around on without slipping or tripping. A rubber roof can also offer benefits for the garage itself. The roof can provide natural insulation and help regulate temperatures. When choosing a rubber roof design, you can select from a lighter color that will not absorb as much heat and make the garage area more comfortable for entertaining during warm months. For more information on rubber roofing, contact a company like Central States Roofing.


One of the biggest safety features you can add to the top of your garage is a railing installation. Iron railings can provide the durability needed to prevent people from getting too close to the edge or falling off. It can also help contain your entertaining area. You can feature railings with long pickets that come out from the top rail. These pickets will make it hard for anyone to lean on or over the rail. A fence contractor can help attach the railings and ensure that they are secure before you start your entertaining. These railings are also ideal if you intend on bringing any children or pets to the top of garage. The spacing between each picket can be kept to a minimum to avoid small children or pets from being able to squeeze through.

Side Mount Umbrellas

The garage may offer a wide open space for entertaining, but it also exposes everything to different weather elements like the sun and rain. Keep your entertaining area free from these elements with the installation of a large side mount umbrella. These umbrellas can be purchased in large rectangular shapes. They mount to the side of the garage and then extend over to create a nice shaded area ideal for hot or rainy days. During nice weather or at night, the umbrella can easily get folded up and placed on the side of the garage until you need it again.

By planning ahead, you can create an outdoor entertaining area that is used for year and really expands on the use of your garage.