How To Decorate Your Store's Roof For The Holidays

Decorating your store's rooftop is a great way to celebrate the holidays, as it gives you an opportunity to share the occasion with customers and passersby, which helps to create fond memories within your community. The first step in prepping for holiday decorating is to have a contractor inspect your roof for any damage or weakness so it can be repaired.

This will help ensure that any décor you use doesn't put too much wear and tear on your roof so you don't end up with huge repair bills after the holiday season. If your roof is more than a decade old, you may want to have it renovated before placing decor on it. Once your roof has been given a clean bill of health, consider implementing one or more of these four fun décor ideas:

Light Things Up

A great way to brighten things up so your décor can be seen at night is to install glowing LED outdoor lights around the edge of your roof. This will illuminate the roof enough to show any other decorations you have set up. Alternatively, you can use the lights themselves as your decorations by replacing the white bulbs with colorful ones. You can even create designs and shapes on the roof using stringed lights and by color coding the light bulbs throughout the design to coincide with each aspect.

Include Some Color

Implementing color on your roof to celebrate a particular holiday can be done in a number of ways without having to actually paint the roof itself. One great way to add holiday colors is to paint garden hoses in the shades of your choice to coincide with the holiday you're decorating for, and laying it on the roof to create designs. You can also paint thick trash bags and attach them to the roof so it's completely covered.

Another option is to hang colorful banners on the surface of the roof that display your holiday message. In addition to traditional holiday colors, add a splash of color that will have an effect on passersby in some emotional way. Here are some awesome options:

  • Red increases energy levels and creates excitement.
  • Yellow encourages happiness and communicates joy.
  • Blue is calming and helps to lower blood pressure levels.
  • Purple provides a luxurious effect and exudes royalty.

Many of these colors naturally fit in well with holiday themes, and the ones that don't can be incorporated as borders and accents. 

Enhance the Borders

If you prefer to leave your roof alone, you can decorate by enhancing the borders instead. An easy way to do this is to wrap your gutters in colored foil for the occasion, or paint some waterproof material that can be laid around the edges of your roof to create a banner affect for a few days. Another fun way to enhance the borders of your roof is to apply glow in the dark stars along the edges so they illuminate when night falls. You can also use small blow-up decorations to hang around the edges of your roof. They'll really catch attention for the occasion and they're easy to clean up afterward too.

Put on a Vibrant Show

If you're into interactive holiday décor, consider projecting a holiday movie directly on your rooftop for passersby to enjoy. You may have to set up a sturdy stand in a tree or ladder near the roof to project the movie, or have your roofing contractor install a small waterproof stand along the front edge of your roof where your projection equipment can be housed. You'll want to use a waterproof box with a clear front to keep the project equipment in – make sure that the box locks for optimal security.

These decorating ideas can be mixed and matched to create a colorful celebration experience for yourself and your customers during any holiday throughout the year. Just remember to have your roof looked at by a commercial roofing professional to make sure any changes you want to make will be safe.