3 Interesting Ways Baby Boomers Are Redefining Roofing Trends

Believe it or not, as one of the many baby boomers living in the United States, you have the ability to set trends that can change the course of the roofing industry. Recent research suggests that approximately 70% of Americans in their 50s own their homes. Furthermore, many baby boomers plan to stay in their homes rather than retiring and selling their homes. Of course, that is the exact reason that baby boomers such as yourself are setting such interesting roofing trends.

Gray – The Color Trend of the Future

Many experts have noticed as of late that elderly residents have been more accepting of the graying state of their hair. Rather than hiding your signs visible aging with a box of hair dye, you have decided to embrace your gray streaks. Of course, your hair is not the only thing graying. Color experts predict that gray roofs will be the primary color choice throughout 2015.

Gray roofs may yet symbolizes the acceptance of age experienced by many baby boomers. Of course, gray is a very refined look in terms of both hair and roofing. When combined with a neutral color palette, gray adds personality and elegance to any home. If you think about it, you have finally come to realize that your gray hair looks good on you, so why not a gray roof, too?

Reroofing – A Trending Demand

Considering that you and your fellow baby boomers have decided to live out your lives in your homes rather than selling and uprooting, remodeling and reroofing are in your near future. In fact, approximately 40% of baby boomers are gearing up for major home improvements tasks within the next few years, which includes reroofing.

Whereas older generations once traded in their homes for peaceful, quiet retirements homes, today's aging population is quite comfortable with their current location. Those that would sell their homes can pass on the task of reroofing to the next person or couple that comes along to purchase the home. However, for those who decide to stay in their homes, reroofing and other major repairs and upgrades fall on their shoulders.

Metal – A Rising Material Trend

Metal roofing has gained popularity in the roofing industry as of late. In fact, the number of metal roofs installed on homes has at least tripled within the last 10 years. When it comes to reroofing projects, metal is a second choice pick for many homeowners, including baby boomers. Of course, there are many advantages to metal roofing, which is perhaps why it is gaining such popularity.

If you, like many other baby boomers, have been planning a reroofing project in your near future, consider the benefits of metal roofing. Metal roofing advantages include:

  • Fire resistance
  • Low cost compared to other roofing materials
  • Wind resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Longevity
  • Little maintenance required

As you get older, the last thing you want to worry about is replacing your roof every 10-20 years. Your focus is to spend your upcoming retirement years – if you aren't already there – in peace. Perhaps you want to relax in your home without worrying about roof maintenance or damages caused by wind and other elements. Fortunately, metal roofing offers exactly that, which is why it is fast becoming a popular choice in terms of roofing material.

Given that you are one of many aging homeowners throughout the United States, many professionals will be assisting you in reroofing your home. In other words, contact a residential roofing professional near you for help making the trendsetting choices you prefer for your next roofing project. A professional roofer can help you select a roofing style, color, and material that best reflects who you are and the personality of your home.